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Details of Grant
EPSRC Reference: GR/L86609/01
Principal Investigator: Professor D Shepherd
Other Investigators:   Professor D Hutchison
Dr A Scott

Recognised Researchers:
Project Partner: SUN Microsystems Ltd

Department: Computing
Organisation: Lancaster University
Abstract: One of the most exciting and challenging areas of research in communications and networking is how multimedia material will be delivered to a wide range of users, across varying networks and from a large number of different sources. Users will wish to access or receive this material from home, work and even on the move using mobile devices. The Foresight Challenge programme has recognised this as a crucial area of development that has social as well as other implications as we move to a global networked society. The current state of networking technology is not yet sufficiently developed and integrated to allow these aims to be realised. However the advent of active networks, that enable the network to adjust itself dynamically to the type of traffic it is delivering and to the characteristics of the end user's system, offers a real possibility that these problems may be overcome in the near future. Using new technological developments such as Ipv6, JAVA and Wavelan this project will research into the implementation of an Active Network capable of supporting a wide range of associated research and development projects in the area of delivering multimedia material in heterogeneous environments.
Starts: 01 August 1998 Ends: 31 July 2000 Value (£): 46,500
Scheme: Joint Research Equipment Initiative (JREI)
EPSRC Research Topic Classifications:
  ICT Networks and Distributed Systems
EPSRC Industrial Sector Classifications: